How do I upload a PDF to a Club Post?

You can upload a PDF document on any Club News, Club Alert or Club Event post.  You can also upload PDFs on all Group and Private Messages.

You an only upload a PDF from your desktop computer.  The upload PDF feature is not available on mobile.

To upload a PDF, click on Upload PDF, select a file and the file will  upload.  You can then see the file that is uploaded, then click Post.

You can only upload PDF files, and not other types of documents like Word or Excel files.

Also, you can only upload PDF files up to 10 MB is size.

If your PDF file is too large, you can use your Adobe Acrobat program to optimize and compress the PDF file.

Or, you can go to:

This is a free website tool to easily compress the PDF to a size that will allow you to post on Clubster.

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