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What does "Email Bouncing" mean?

On Manage Club Members and Manage Club Staff list, if a Member or Staff has "Email Bouncing" in the Notifications column, this means that there is a potential issue with the email address.  It could be caused by several issues:

- Syntax Issue - the email is not formatted correctly.  Solution: If this is the issue, you can either Edit the email, and input the correct email, or remove this email from the Member or Staff list, and Invite the Member or Staff using the correct email.  

- Recipient Email Server Issue - Server is down and temporarily unavailable.

- Recipient Email Client Bouncing the emails - Recipient Email Client is not allowing  emails being sent from Clubster to be delivered to the recipient.  This could be for a number of reasons, most likely the security settings.  Solution: Only the recipient can fix this issue.  Please tell the recipient to: "Contact your technical source for your email client, and ask them to add the Clubster email domain "" to the approved sender list. This will allow future emails to be delivered to your email inbox."

- Recipient Email is on a Email Suppression List. - Their is no solution for this. Recipient should provide an alternative email address.

Once an email has bounced 3 times, then the Clubster system marks the email as "Email Undeliverable", and the Emails will automatically be turned OFF for this email.

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