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How to change the status of a Declined Member?

If you have a Member that has a Declined Status, that means that the member previously clicked "Decline" when they received the club invitation.

If you are contacted by a member that has a Declined Status, but have changed their minds, and would like to "Accept" the club invitation, there are 2 options:

You can tell the member to search and find the club page on Clubster, and then click the "FOLLOW" button.  This will change the members status from Declined to Accepted.


You can Suspend and Remove the Member from your Member List, and the create a New Invitation for the Member.

Go to Club Administration > Manage Club Members, click Edit next to the Declined Member, then click Suspend Member, then click Remove Member.

Next, click Invite Member, enter the email, name, and member number, if desired, and click Add Member.  This will send an email club invitation to the member, and they can then Accept the invitation on Clubster.  

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