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Create a reciprocate icon-(tap here to reciprocate at...)

It would be nice for members or the membership director to tap the reciprocate icon and fill in the date(s) they or their member plan to visit another Clubster Club. This would be sent to the reciprocating club's administrator email. ONce the admin taps confirm, it shoots a message back to whoever filled it out and gives the admin an option to print from desktop or wirelessly. Every time a member uses this, it accumulates points. Once they reach x amount of reciprocal points, Clubster awards that member with something.

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    Reciprocal Reward idea: similar to OpenTable online reservation point system. Opentable sends a dining certificate once x amount of points are established. This reward could be a $25 dining certificate in the club's grill, pro shop, yaht shop, health shop ect. If the reward was to the pro shop, the certificate would be good only for purchases towards a certain brand like Titelist or whoever advertises on the app in the future.

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