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Create a personal calendar that both staff and members can write in their agenda on.

If there was a tab that would say "My Calendar" or something that would appropriately fit a personal agenda calendar or book, that would be extremely beneficial for some of our staff like our Golf Instructor who has numerous lessons a day. For example, if he were to have a "monthly calendar" to look at with all of his lesson times written in, this would help him organize his lessons in a more efficient way so that he does not run into any complications like forgetting a lesson at a certain time. Also, if maybe an "alert/notification" could show up once someone logs onto their Clubster Account, that would greatly benefit many of our staff and members from forgetting about a lesson, task, tee time, event, etc.

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    This is a great reason to do the networking in the first place. Members can have their personal calendar at their fingertips and notify friends of their 'dates'

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