Why do my photos appear sideways on Clubster?

On certain Android devices...mostly Samsung phones, the camera does not transmit the proper orientation for the photo posted on Clubster.

Clubster will be fixing this issue in our major redesign of the Clubster platform coming this fall, 2018.

There is a way to re-orient the photo before uploading it on a Clubster post.

Here is how:

Open the photo you wish to post, on your phone...then tap the "3 Bar Slider" icon (just to the right of the triangle at the bottom)...which gives you some photo edit options.  One of the options (with the circle of arrows, to the left of the "dot square") allows you to rotate the photo.  

You should rotate the photo 360 degrees..and the rotate it back to the way it was originally...and then tap "Done". 

This process re-sets the orientation of the photo, and then you can attach the photo to a Clubster post and upload it.

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